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Anchor Men's Bracelet

Description & Details

Stand strong and firm like the anchor that holds the ship during the stormiest weather.

Anchor jewelry is an excellent gift to a loved one as It could imply that you’re their anchor and you will always be there for them. Or it could also mean that they’re your anchor in life and they keep you grounded and secure.

It also symbolizes a couple being each other’s anchors and facing the world together regardless of what may come their way.

For a friend or loved one about to go on a long trip, an anchor jewelry gift is a reminder to keep safe, to keep steady and to remember home.

Anchor jewelry is ideal for a graduation gift, as it signifies that the person will always have good friends and family to be there for them. It’s also a reminder to remember their roots and to be grounded regardless of the success and achievements that life has in store for them.



Base Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: Rhodium

Material: Black rope

Measurement: L: 16.2m P: 3cm x 1.5cm