About Foundry

Foundry is for the everyday romantics,

firm believers in the beauty of each day and the power of little things to make them special.

We make jewelry that turns any moment it touches into gold.

From everyday-friendly vermeil pieces to 18 karat gold fine jewelry, our wide selection is designed to carry you from moment to moment.

Learn more about Foundry and our dedication to fine here.

Ready to Commit?

Don't worry, it's tarnish-free

Made to last forever, our fine jewelry does not tarnish. So you can wear it everyday and anytime with no worries.

We Keep it Real

Whether it's an investment piece or for personal use, all our diamond pieces also come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Easy Returns & Refunds

We have a 30 day return and refund policy for those days when you make a mistake on your (or their) jewelry size.