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Gift Cards T&C

Option 1: A digital gift card will be emailed directly to you or your recipient along with a personal message of your choice. 


  • You can use this e-gift  in 
  • Enter the code provided through email or on the physical card at the payment step of checkout 
  • Value does not expire 
  • It is only redeemable in the currency it is issued in.
  • Purchase totals will be deducted from the card’s overall value until it reaches zero. 
  • When you make a purchase you cannot choose the gift card amount to spend if the gift card value exceeds the value of the transaction Example: if your gift card has a value of P2,000 and your order is P1,000, you cannot choose to use only P500 from the gift card towards the purchase price – instead, the full P1,000 will be used towards the order). That said, you are not required to use the full amount (in this example, P2,000) on one purchase.