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Wishbone Necklace Charm Sterling Silver

  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Sterling Silver
Description & Details

Expressive, personal and hopeful, the Wishbone necklace charm is a delicate piece that could make any ensemble elegant and simply gorgeous.

NOTE: Closure is hook style and not a closed circle so please be extra careful that charm does not fall off. Not meant to be worn during high activity occasions. 

Best matched with the Infinity Chain necklace. 

Base Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: 18K Yellow Gold or ; Rhodium

Stone Type: Clear Cubic Zirconia

Measurement: Height 5.5cm, width 2.5cm, cubic zirconia 1.15mm. width

925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. We plate our silver jewelry in rhodium, which gives it extra shine and durability. It is the metal that gives white gold its color. Rhodium is one of the costliest precious metals because of its rarity.
We use cubic zirconia that is similar to a diamond with its brilliance and clarity. It is an affordable alternative to diamonds. Cz’s are not as hard as diamonds so please handle it with care.

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